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You define what it means to be a physician.

Deep, transformative coaching will support you as you make your impact — within and outside of healthcare — and create the life and career you love.

About Me

I’m Ashwini Nayak. I love supporting my colleagues in medicine through deep 1:1 coaching. It's what I do best, and I love helping clients uncover insights that lead to growth and new ideas.

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I focus on helping you design, honor, and create the exact career, life, and relationships you want. What is the greatest impact you will make, and what's the path you'll take to get there?

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You’ll experience a space where you can completely be yourself, and be truly heard, accepted, and appreciated. A self-confidence will arise as you transform yourself, let go of beliefs that hold you back, and make the impossible happen.

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Meditation – Day 1: Reaction

My mind seeks out understanding and wants to react. I started practicing silent meditation regularly a few months ago. By regularly I mean three or four days a week, for 5-10 minutes each day, usually as I sat in the dark  in my son’s room waiting for him to fall
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What Is Your Spark?

Over the past year, I’ve been personally exploring what it means to truly connect in my relationships, both personally and professionally. As a physician, I have been reflecting on my relationships with my patients and how much I appreciated learning about what it means to be human from their personal
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Prismatic & Pragmatic

I was seven or eight years old, sitting in my bedroom with an 1800-piece box of Knex®. The building set was a luxury at the time. I remember a daunting feeling come over me as I reviewed the designs I could make, followed by an eagerness as I started to
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Every single person has the opportunity to feel fulfilled in their life by contributing something unique and valuable to our world.

Looking for more content on decision-making, mental models, being present, and being a parent? Check out my videos, parenting reflections, and more. 

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