About Me

Helping people live their best, most empowered lives is my passion.

My expertise is helping physicians confidently step out of their comfort zone so that they can make their next level of impact within and outside of healthcare. The difference — I help them fulfill what seems like an impossible goal: to achieve career success and social impact while masterfully creating a balanced lifestyle grounded in conscious living and leadership.

There have been many chances to deeply reflect on my own life experiences. Having observed so many of my colleagues in medicine too, I’ve seen how overworking can squelch the passion behind the best creative idea. It can take the joy out of everyday life and relationships. I help physicians master their mind and the external systems of the world so they work exactly as much as they want to. They learn how to say no more often so they can say yes to more of what they want. Self-care is integrated into the daily routine. And, time management is easier because they look forward to their commitments.

I believe that leadership in the world starts first with how we lead ourselves, including how we take care of ourselves.

I work together with my clients to help them redefine success and how it’s created. The process that my clients generate to achieve their goals also keeps them aligned with their highest values and priorities. They learn to be present and embrace the essence of who they are, while also re-inventing themselves. Life becomes easier, more playful, and awe-filled as emotional intelligence is enhanced. 

Primary care most often attracts generalists, and I definitely am one in many ways. I like to learn broadly and expose myself to as many perspectives as I can. This helps me understand my clients better, have a more balanced view of the world, and see possibility when others can’t. It also allows me to blend many approaches and frameworks to create a versatile coaching approach. I’m confident that I can handle any question or challenge.

Simultaneously, I’m intense and like to go deep. In my connections and relationships, I like to move beyond the small-talk and get into meaningful conversation that matters. Change comes from being willing to challenge existing views and patterns. I aim to understand things at the core will always ask, “Why?”

All this said, I recognize that one of my strengths as a coach comes from one of the greatest challenges I’ve had through my life. For years, I never saw myself as enough. I never thought I was doing enough. This fueled my self-defeating perfection, as well as my success. I’ve come so far, but I’m grateful that that darkness is still a part of me. The gift contained in it is that I get to see the amazing gifts and creative sparks in others; I am able to envision them at their best. And, having learned to love myself more, I have learned to compassionately hold space — without judgment — for whoever is in front of me. And this, I hope, gives people the opportunity to first, and foremost, see and love themselves as they are.

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