Are you ready to TRENDUP?

I am currently in the process of a rebrand to TRENDUP® Life Coaching!

What does TRENDUP stand for?

Working with physician mothers on work-life balance, I learned that there were several common areas that they wanted to experience personal growth:

Time management (T)

Relationships (R)

Physical energy and emotional resiliency (E)

Measurable outcomes and money — numbers (N)

Decision-making (D)

Beyond this there was also a deep desire to experience peace and unconditional love (U), as well as to have identified a clear, passionate purpose (P) in life. 

From this, the idea of TRENDUP was born.

TRENDUP® Life Coaching – My Why

TRENDUP is more than a framework for personal development. As I continued my work supporting physicians, I realized that what excited me was the idea of helping individuals understand and accept themselves deeply as part of their path to creating immense positive change in the world. As a result, TRENDUP started as a way of supporting physicians and other healthcare workers in their personal and professional lives, so that they could create more equity, progress, and innovation in healthcare for a healthier society. For the women I worked with, this meant enhanced sense of self, better family relationships, improved career satisfaction, feeling connected to the service of patients and their communities, and giving time to special talents and gifts outside the practice of medicine.

TRENDUP has evolved to also support those who envision making a positive creative impact – especially through social, economic, or political change. These systems are integral to human health, well-being, and optimal living, as well as the health of our planet.

At the core of the TRENDUP philosophy is a deep respect, and genuine awe, for what exists in this life and what is possible. For all the suffering and injustice we may see in this world – at the individual and systemic levels – there is just as much love that can catalyze a more just and peaceful way of living.

Human creativity and innovation are two important elements to finding this more peaceful way of life for everyone. At TRENDUP® Life Coaching, I support individuals – leaders, including professionals and entrepreneurs – who are discovering and igniting their creative sparks on a path to create positive change in the world through enhanced consciousness. Their visions and purposes are so strong that they don’t want anything to get in the way of making it happen.

When I say leaders – I define this broadly to mean anyone who is taking the responsibility to guide themselves and/or others toward a particular goal, for a particular cause. For me, any type of leadership starts with personal leadership.

In speaking of positive change — there is no impact that I see as too big or too small. Whether this means creating genuine love and belief in oneself, cultivating relationships, raising kids, expression through the arts or music, heading a community project, or creating changes in the world within healthcare and sociopolitical systems — I see all of this as meaningful toward a better world. All of it matters, and creates a ripple effect of positive change. The people I work with are determined to achieve personal growth and well-being, success in their work, and create new results in their lives.

Who do I serve? 

I continue to work with physicians, physician moms in particular, as they pursue creating fulfilling careers in clinical medicine, research, academics, healthcare leadership roles, and pursuits outside of traditional medicine.

I also serve other health professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. 

The individuals I work with have a vision for making a positive creative contribution — through their employed work, community projects, research, teaching, social or political activism, charitable giving, raising children, relationships, or through the arts. They want to engage in meaningful work without overcommitting or burning out. They are ready to experience increased self-compassion and healthy lifestyle, and make thoughtful commitments that are consistent with their long-term goals. 

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