Episode 4: Coaching Insights to Help Your Garden Grow

In this episode, Ashwini coaches Archana on her concern of not having a green thumb. You’ll get to see how a short conversation leads to insights that change her entire approach to her garden. 

The second part of the episode includes commentary and reflection on the coaching session. We discuss:

  • That not having reached the goal doesn’t meant that you’re not on your way there;
  • The importance of creatively applying all your strengths and abilities to your project;
  • How coaching is as much about honoring who we are right now, as it is about growth and transformation;
  • How we can choose how we feel better in relation to a situation;
  • How not to stop at insights gained during a coaching session, but actually applying the insights to create the desired results;
  • That a person’s mindset continues to grow and evolve even beyond a single coaching session.

Coaching is a tool that can be used to help people discover insights that will give them a more sure plan toward their goals. It can also help them feel better and live with more ease. Central to coaching is the idea that the person being coached is the expert on their own life. A coach functions with an outside perspective and creates a non-judgmental space. As a result, with the coach asking meaningful questions and gently challenging the person’s existing views, the individual being coached deepens their own self-knowledge, as well as accelerates toward their desired outcomes in life. 

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Co-hosts: Ashwini Nayak, MD & Archana Nayak, Esq.

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