Episode 5: Unfinished Masterpieces – Part 1

Have you ever felt the dissatisfaction or restlessness that comes from thinking that you’re not “there” yet? 

In this episode we share about our experience at the Sagrada Família. We visited this basilica six years ago during a family vacation to Barcelona, Spain. Many consider the Sagrada Família to be an unfinished masterpiece, and we agree. We learned so many lessons by reminiscing about this renowned, yet unfinished, piece of architecture.

As you reflect with us, you’ll learn how life can be most satisfying when you balance the joy of accomplishment with the appreciation for everything you are right now. Also, re-focusing on the process helps you reap the most benefits, whether that be happiness or the motivation to reach your goals. 

Co-hosts: Ashwini Nayak, MD & Archana Nayak, Esq.

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