Every decision we make is preceded by an emotion and an originating thought, which itself is a choice.

In every moment of our lives there is a choice to make, and in that agency, we have power.

We have the power to decide our attitudes, our beliefs, and our judgments, and the way they make us feel. We get to decide what to do next, and the results we create in our lives.

Part of the reason I think coaching is fun is that I help people think more clearly and deliberately.

In the past six weeks I’ve taken time to self-coach on decisions that I wanted to make too.

Actually, I would refer to some of them as “redecisions.” (In Googling this word, I came across a form of therapy called “Redecision Therapy”, but this is NOT what I am referring to.)

By redecision, I mean that I decided again that I wanted to maintain certain choices I had previously made. I did this by looking at my life again, this time with the lens of having had more life experience under my belt, with clarity and self-confidence guiding me instead of pressure and worry.

The outcomes were completely different.

I made redecisions in my personal life and relationships.

I made redecisions in my business about what practices and approaches I would keep, versus what needed to change.

When I redecided, that didn’t mean I wanted to create more of what I had already been experiencing.

Remember, the decision is just the first step of the “what” and “how”.

The meaning you apply to your circumstances and the way you choose to feel will ultimately be the driving forces that direct your decision into a result that matters to you.

The meaning and energy I brought to my circumstances this time around were completely different.

Then, I imagined what it would be like to create ANY result I wanted.

I’m giving myself space right now to imagine what that could be. I’m remaining patient and curious as I figure it all out.

A decision is a consequence of being determined to persuade yourself. Why not do it with powerful confidence?

It’s what gets you started on creating that result you want, and it’s always available to you.

So that you can take root, or, change course.

So that you can empower yourself.

What will you redecide today?

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