Reimagining the future

What will you reimagine?


I saw a headline that Governor Cuomo has partnered with The Gates Foundation to “reimagine” what New York City public schools will look like in the fall. 


As I read into the story further, I understood that people had conflicting views about the impact of The Gates Foundation on U.S. education. I found myself both excited about the prospect of what was happening, as well as heavy with thoughts about why it may be important to preserve certain aspects of traditional education. 


However, being open to new perspectives, I set aside my initial thoughts to enjoy the situation for what it was – a collaboration to create something that hasn’t existed before, something that works for what we need now.


Before predetermining what was right or wrong, or squelching the idea of what was possible, I paused and said – “Let’s see.”  


The idea of reimagining is exciting, and I want you to start thinking about reimagining what your life, and your community could look like post-COVID. Obviously, you don’t have to be a billionaire philanthropist or a prominent national leader to do this. All you need is a human mind.


This isn’t to say there aren’t beautiful, perfect elements of what exists right now. Those things that work and that we value can be integrated into the next phase.


And, it’s true, we always have the opportunity to reimagine ourselves – so why now? I say, what an interesting time and opportunity to start reimagining. 


In many ways, the last couple of months may have felt stressful as you focused on taking care of your most basic and immediate needs, and those of the people you care for. 


As external demands changed, what remained of your emotional and physical energy may have been given to people and situations outside of yourself. Thinking actively about the nuances of the future may not have been a primary focus, if it wasn’t a part of your daily work already.


It was necessary, at that time, to refocus your energy and efforts. It may be that you’re still there in some ways. 


But I invite you to take a step, through acceptance, into a new normal. 


A new normal where you decide what is possible for you in this world, the way it is.


A new normal where you are allowed, and where it’s necessary, for you to refocus some of the energy back onto you. 


So that you can create something in your life that you’ve never had before. 


So that you can create for the world, something that it so very much needs – with you at your very best. 


Even during this time when there are still many unknowns, all of this is possible. 


I know this because I learned long ago, from my first coach, that I don’t have to wait for my happiness. I don’t have to wait to share my authentic self with the world. I don’t have to wait to exert my influence to create more of the world I want to see.

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