This is a collection of videos, including reflections, online presentations, and inspirational talks. 


I started my coaching career working exclusively with physician moms who were feeling stressed while managing the demands of parenthood, career, and life in general. My appreciation for leadership comes from my roles of being mom and physician, amongst other things. This collection of blogposts covers a range of topics, and reflects what was on my mind during the journey. 
As I have grown and evolved, I continue to support physicians and other healthcare leaders in their pursuit of optimal life satisfaction and making their leadership impact in the world. Current articles and essays are included under the Articles tab on the menu.
My sister and I both have followed traditional, as well as nontraditional paths in life. In this podcast, we have conversations about how you can get comfortable following your own path.
We talk about communication and leadership. We share our thoughts on how you can make decisions that feel good and move you in the direction of your goals. We show you that life doesn’t need to be so serious — and actually that it’s a lot of fun. 

This is a perfect podcast for emerging leaders or people who want to pivot in their careers.