This is an opportunity to learn and grow.

COVID-19 is a reality in our lives and many people, myself included, have had to learn how to manage more intense emotions, especially negative emotions.

Not only that, but it may seem for some that life is on hold, that we have to wait for all of this to be over for life to go on.

But, life is happening right now.

I want to show you that even though our life circumstances have changed, life is continuing to go on.

We have to continue on and make this experience a part of our life story.

We get to decide what our attitudes will be.

We get to decide if we show up with compassion, love, and patience.

We get to decide what can be created through all of this..

COVID-19 is a circumstance, one that is helping to bring to the surface so many of the things that challenged us before, now in a more obvious or intense way.

This makes it the perfect time to understand ourselves and to use this as an opportunity for growth.

I plan to regularly post here the lessons learned as I reflect on coaching sessions and conversations I’ve had. I will focus on those topics that seem to be a common theme among physicians and parents.

We can all learn from each other.

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