Episode 1: Box Checkers & Free Thinkers

Welcome to the first episode of the Uncheck the Box podcast! Join us as we introduce ourselves and talk about what it means to “uncheck” the box. 

We created this podcast especially for you – the professional or entrepreneur who is ready to re-invent herself and create her own path to success. 

Are you someone:

…who has achieved great success but is feeling inspired to create more?

…who’s feeling uninspired or stuck, always having done what you thought you “should” be doing?

…who wants to learn about coaching and communication strategies to enhance your current life?

Learn how to develop the mindset needed to “uncheck the boxes” you’ve been checking.  Cultivate the communication skills that will help lead you to success, the way you define it. Here, we want to inspire and support you to continue becoming the incredible, multi-faceted person you are. 

Co-hosts: Ashwini Nayak, MD & Archana Nayak, Esq.

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