What Is Your Spark?

Over the past year, I’ve been personally exploring what it means to truly connect in my relationships, both personally and professionally. As a physician, I have been reflecting on my relationships with my patients and how much I appreciated learning about what it means to be human from their personal stories. Now, as a coach, I’ve discovered new meaning for the word engagement. As I’ve spoken with people from various backgrounds and diverse life experiences, I’ve been in awe as I’ve noticed a creative spark in each individual…

I’ve seen this creative spark in one of my patients who experienced pervasive and deep emotional hardship due to her life situation. Yet she came to each of her monthly visits with me with a persistent belief that she could achieve better health and be supported to create a safe environment for her and her family.

I’ve also been inspired by the creative spark of an innovative female entrepreneur with profound knowledge and expertise in her field. Her readiness to trust through community collaboration, even when the outcomes were uncertain, was astounding.

As a mother, I’ve learned to become more present with my son as he teaches me through his own wisdom, even at his young age. His emotional intelligence astonishes me each day. He asks the usual questions a young boy may ask as he studies his world but is also keenly attentive to understanding others’ needs and comfort. His emotional intelligence is also displayed through his humor and desire to connect with others. His humor has evolved from a simple appreciation and engagement with us through laughter, to now an advanced experimentation with joke-telling. 

In all of these examples — the creative sparks of the first woman’s ability to see beyond her circumstances, the entrepreneur’s readiness to engage with the unknown, and my son’s innate capacity to connect through caring and humor — guide each of them to live a rich life, making a special contribution to the people and the world around them.

These connections and others have led me to conclude that each person has creative sparks within them. By removing barriers that get in the way of this potential energy, they can ignite personal transformation and contribute something unique and valuable to our world.

Whether or not you’ve discovered your creative sparks, I want to help you fully uncover them and help you decide how to channel your creative energy into meaningful change.

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