When Circumstances Change

Our circumstances have changed in the last several weeks.

Our circumstances are changing.

Our circumstances will be different moving forward.

In the last several weeks, as the situation with COVID-19 has quickly escalated, to say that it has grabbed our attention is an understatement for most.

As I have observed others and our own family, I have seen the impact on both an emotional and practical level.

There have been plenty of updates, media reports, social media discussions, and private conversations on the topic.

Many have tried to figure out how to stay informed, while not getting consumed by it all.

I know this has been the case for me.

(If you have been consumed and distracted by all the COVID-19 conversation, there is no shame in it. It might even be necessary for a little while as you process what is happening. But be aware of your thoughts and recognize that you ultimately are in complete control of your experience. This is a good thing.)

I understand and appreciate the gravity of the situation and want to offer you a couple questions that I have been asking myself.

How will I respond appropriately and responsibly to what is going on with COVID-19, while also maintaining my commitment to my highest priorities?

How do I continue to be in the world, to create and bring my visions to life, with everything that is going on?

I ask these questions because right now I am still processing.

I am working to hold space for myself to experience the challenging emotions of disappointment, sadness, frustration, and uncertainty in a normal, human way.

At the same time, I believe that I, and we all, have a capacity to continually evolve ourselves and to create great things in the world, no matter what is happening outside of us.

I continue to believe that even when times are challenging, continuing to do what we do best (even when it may not seem directly applicable to the situation) may very well be the contribution that is needed.

I believe that we each have a special skill or trait that can be applied in novel situations in order to make the world better.

I am already seeing this happen as I read about the innovation and resourcefulness of individuals and companies who are trying to solve the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shortage.

I see this happen as businesses offer products and services in support of those on the front lines in the medical community.

I see and hear about families enjoying time together, enjoying the simple daily pleasures provided to us through our current situation, which may have never otherwise been experienced.

Yes, in every life situation we can choose to see the good and the bad.

It is very possible to have this balanced view.

Even now.

This is what can help us to open up to what is possible.

In uncommon circumstances, such as what we are experiencing with COVID-19, the emotional range of what we experience can even provide us with a feeling of richness of life.

It is there for us to appreciate, if we so choose.

But only when we are ready.

If you are experiencing challenges during this time, know that this is a normal human experience, and that even through that, there is opportunity for learning and growth.

It’s possible to create a space in your life where you are allowed to think about the impact you want to make, the experiences you want to have, and the life you want to create in the context of – and maybe despite – everything going on around you.

Our circumstances have changed in the last several weeks.

Our circumstances are changing.

Our circumstances will be different moving forward.

Notice how these statements could be true regardless of whether COVID-19 is happening right now, or not.

What does that mean for you?

What will you create?

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